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Understanding project management - CITI
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Understanding project management


Understanding project management helps you to understand that projects are very different to business as usual. The language and the concerns of day-to-day line management are very different from those of project management: and sometimes the difference in the language and processes of projects can add to the confusion.

At the same time, people working in business roles need to know how best to co-operate with projects, how to work within projects, and how to ensure they reap the benefits from the project deliveries.

This two-day event explores the structures, activities and language of projects.

You will learn how projects are governed, how teams are structured, the role of the main players, and the mindset of the project team.

You will learn how to put the key disciplines and processes of project management into action.


Participants not only learn about how projects are run through tutor led interactive discussions, but also have the opportunity to put the key disciplines and processes of project management into action, including initiation, planning, monitoring and control, and proactive risk management.


  • The difference between BAU and projects
  • When is a project required?
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Constructing a project brief
  • Planning a project
  • Managing project risks
  • Project teams
  • Project communication