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Project sponsorship and SRO briefing - CITI
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Project sponsorship and SRO briefing


Projects are successful when they deliver business benefits. Project managers tend to focus their effort and attention on delivering ‘things’ such as buildings, processes or new systems.

Projects are successful when they deliver business benefits. The purpose of this session is to explore the role of a sponsor: the accountabilities, responsibilities, appropriate attitudes, successful behaviours and how to get the best out of project managers.

Sponsors are responsible for ensuring that factors critical to the success of the project. Alignment with business strategy, effective implementation of the outputs from the project and their adoption by the business, and the achievement of benefits – are managed appropriately.

Whilst some of these factors are under the control of the project manager; others are dependent upon the behaviours of business managers.


The techniques for the sponsor to discharge their responsibilities are discussed, including: how to determine the critical success factors, diagnosing projects in trouble, and establishing effective governance – setting up steering groups that really do steer projects.


  • The sponsor’s role and responsibilities
  • Running an effective steering group
  • Factors that make projects succeed (and fail)
  • Monitoring and analysing the status of a project
  • Modelling benefits – realising benefits
  • Spotting a good project plan.