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Corporate portfolio management - CITI
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Corporate portfolio management


Increasingly, organisations are being faced with the challenge of ensuring that work being performed is effectively prioritised to ensure the return of maximum value – corporate portfolio management.

Additionally, when there is conflict for resource, how should an organisation resolve this whilst still ensuring they are optimally deployed?

This highly interactive two day event gives clarity to corporate portfolio management and how best practice tools and techniques should be applied.

Importantly it provides you with the ability to organise and structure portfolios of projects and programmes using strategies that maximise their value.


Corporate portfolio management has emerged as a distinct discipline requiring senior management understanding and commitment to address these important challenges. Corporate portfolio management is not project management nor is it programme management. From years of practical experience and knowledge of the latest best practice techniques, CITI understands how these different management disciplines need to be effectively managed to ensure successful portfolio delivery.


  • Defining the portfolio
  • Managing change to the portfolio
  • Creating and managing a prioritisation mechanism
  • Ensuring optimal deployment of resources
  • Maximising the value returned from the effort expended
  • Using ‘efficient frontier’ to clarify options available for portfolio construction
  • Clarifying when a portfolio needs to be managed as a programme.