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Project success through people - CITI
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Project success through people


Effective leadership is critical to the success of any project, and yet most of us are not at ease with assuming leadership.

We sometimes feel more comfortable following the lead of those at the top of the organisation.

In reality, change projects cannot be successfully delivered by the top leadership team alone.

They require active assistance and collaboration from many ‘leaders’ at all levels: those officially in charge of the project, those contributing to it and those affected by it.

This is not about a job title, but rather a shared role: to ensure that the change is made desirable, and that it is delivered, adopted and sustained.


This two-day event uses interactive discussions supported by audio and video clips to explore the role of leadership in projects and focus on how leadership at all levels can be encouraged in projects.

By the end of the workshop, you will have deeper insights into how you can contribute to leading successful change and how you can encourage others to do the same.


  • Setting the project vision
  • Ensuring the buy-in and support
  • Reinforcing shared values
  • Controlling the activities of the team
  • Embedding change into the organisation