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APM Project Management Qualification course - CITI
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APM Project Management Qualification course


The APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ) is an industry recognised qualification. This course is a valuable step towards giving you the knowledge and awareness of all key elements of best practice project management.

The APM Project Management Qualification course is specifically for those looking for knowledge and understanding of project management vocabulary and the principles of the profession, whether you are managing, involved in, or interfacing with projects. It is a valuable step on the professional ladder for those who are considering project management as a career – the APMP is a precursor to the more advanced APMPQ qualification, also accredited by the Association for Project Management.

Led by an accredited expert, a multi-media approach is used to bring the syllabus to life and prepare you for the 3 hour written exam on the final day. This course blends highly interactive tutor-led presentations and discussions with film clips and practice questions.


The course is designed to ensure you have sufficient knowledge and understanding to successfully achieve this valuable qualification. The course covers the 12 learning outcomes and 73 assessment criteria (APM BoK 7th edition) included in the APM Project Management Qualification syllabus. You will receive guidance and advice on how best to apply the learning in your projects and, in doing so, absorb a huge amount in a short time about the theory, techniques and practice of project management.


  • Teaching of the knowledge areas defined by the APM BoK
  • Discussion on, and rehearsal in, exam approach and technique
  • Practical exercises
  • Practice questions with solution notes
  • Mock exam with feedback
  • Analysis of APM BoK specific vocabulary.