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Risk management - CITI
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Risk management


The management of risks is a fundamental discipline of the successful delivery of projects.

This highly interactive one-day workshop begins with a discussion to establish a shared understanding of what a risk and risk management are.

Through critical conversations and activities, you will be able to revisit your own project risks in the context of an established risk management process.

It is important that you bring a project risk log to the master class and are prepared to discuss these risks and how you’re managing them.

The need for stakeholder analysis and engagement as part of managing risk is a central theme of the workshop.


By the end of the workshop, you will have thoroughly reviewed at least one of your major risks and will be in a position to revisit other risks with your sponsor and project team members.


  • Definitions of risk and risk management
  • Getting buy-in from senior management and the team
  • Risk management process
  • Causes of risk
  • Classifying risks
  • Assessing risks
  • Responses to risk
  • Managing identified risks