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Stakeholder engagement - CITI
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Stakeholder engagement


Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to delivering successful change, because it focuses on creating positive working relationships with people who are outside of your direct control but have a key role in its success.

The key is to maximise your impact and influence on those who are integral to achieving the change, in order to encourage them to actively collaborate.

This one-day event invites you to bring your own experiences and real life challenges into play within a set of structured discussions. It explores techniques that can help you recruit allies and deal with resistance and conflict.


By the end of the workshop, you will not only have deeper insights into stakeholder engagement, but also create the first draft of a plan to bring key stakeholders on board.


  • Why ‘old-style’ notions of stakeholder management are inadequate
  • Understanding the political environment you work in
  • Identifying your key stakeholders and their motivations
  • Developing a suitable engagement strategy and plan
  • Communication, influence and persuasion
  • How to monitor and improve your own effectiveness