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Getting the requirements right - CITI
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Getting the requirements right


Getting the requirements right is important with complex technology, often information technology, is frequently central to the delivery of a business vision. However the most common cause of failure in technology intensive projects remains the lack of alignment with the business goals and the unrealistic evaluation of the scope and impact of the changes required.

This course focuses on requirements management – how the project manager ensures that the requirements are met and that the acceptance criteria of the products delivered are aligned to the project success criteria, even when they may alter.

This course is primarily for project managers and business analysts who are involved in working with the business user to define and manage project requirements.

It provides clear and practical techniques for working with the business to establish testable requirements.


The purpose of this course is to aid project managers and business analysts with a clear and practical approach to the management of projects. Where establishing the requirements and managing the scope (especially in a technically complex environment) has a major influence on the successful outcome of the projects they run.


  • Establishing the requirements
  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Reviewing a specification
  • Product development lifecycles
  • Managing changing requirements
  • Acceptance criteria and constraints
  • Testing requirements, testing designs
  • Structuring a specification.