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Project and programme support offices - CITI
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Project and programme support offices


The Project and programme support offices workshop (PPSO Courses) is for managers and staff responsible for setting up and running project and programme support offices. It describes best practice from many sources it also is of value to those who need to be aware of the functions of support offices, what to expect from them, and how to drive up their value.

Delegates will be given the knowledge of how they can identify, then establish and run the type of PPSO most suitable to their organisation.

To support them in ensuring the investment made in these functions is repaid.

To enable delegates to understand the principles of high value, and highly valued, project and programme support offices.


It allows them to meet both the needs of senior managers charged with maximising the value from the company’s project portfolio and programmes and also the needs of project and programme managers as they carry out their delivery responsibilities.


  • PPSO stakeholder analysis and management
  • Types of project office, best practice PPSO examples
  • Monitoring and control functions
  • Analysis of PPSOs and ideas of improvements
  • Methods and quality assurance, portfolio planning and monitoring
  • Programme and project support office differences
  • Tracking benefits, managing interdependencies in portfolios.