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Project management consultancy services - CITI
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With over 30 years’ experience of varied change and project management services, developed and refined in the field, we offer clients a project management consultancy service that is second to none.

Our team of consultants are highly qualified to help organisations successfully manage transformation programmes, complex projects and the change impacts that result. Indeed, within our project management consultancy they have all been in senior roles across diverse organisations, managing change through programmes and projects.

CITI’s core of specialists can best be described as ‘expertise’ consultants within our project management consultancy. Our role is to bring knowledge, skills and techniques to situations in which managers are required to change or improve an organisation’s performance. To date, we have supported over 300 organisations in creating and enhancing project, programme and change management capability that matches their strategic, cultural and commercial needs.

Project management consultancy services

Our project management consultancy services include programme visioning and structuring, effective business case development, portfolio prioritisation, project rescue, applying right-sized governance, health checks, project initiation, benefits and change impact mapping, change readiness and providing direct support to programmes and projects, to name just a few of our offerings within the project management services sector.


Through years of research and development, together with in-depth insights gained across a vast number of programmes, portfolios and projects, CITI has developed a number of world class exclusive models, techniques and tools. Proven in the field with considerable success, our IP is ground-breaking in both scope and effectiveness.

A key feature of our models and techniques is their ability to bring clarity and focus to an organisation’s change initiatives as well as identify the management approaches needed to bring about successful transformation. Not only that, they can help highlight problem areas quickly and propose suitable solutions for the challenges being faced in real time.


CITI’s Change Diamond™ helps to identify the management approaches needed to bring about successful change, with each facet focusing on the activities and deliverables required to turn strategy into operational reality for your project management consultancy services.

Specifically, the Change Diamond™ gives change leaders an easy way of linking the cost (delivery) side of the change with the benefit (adoption) side.  It uses governance approaches that focus management attention appropriately throughout the change journey to ensure that strategy is successfully turned into a wanted and sustainable operational reality.

CITI’s Change Diamond™ is a robust and effective organiser that has been proven time and time again to empower organisations to manage change initiatives and all their associated benefits in the most effective way possible.

Project management consultancy services

Project Management Consultancy Services


CITI’s Project Mission Model™ is one of a number of project management models using tried and tested techniques which have been researched, developed and refined over many years. Use of the technique brings clarity to the project and encourages buy-in right from the start. It has also proven to be a catalyst for identifying areas of concern as early as possible.

Proven across a wide range of industry sectors, CITI’s Project Mission Model™ communicates the key facts about a project ‘on a single page’ and helps the project manager and key stakeholders to identify (and clarify) potential problem areas quickly.

By applying this model, our project management consultants can make projects become demonstrably more predictable and successful.



We are a single destination for organisations who want to improve their project management and strategic change management.


Refined and developed over many years, our courses are designed to give participants pragmatic skills they can apply immediately to their work.


Our capability assessments provide a tried and tested approach to understanding the capabilities of project, programme and change communities.


If you’d like to find out more about our project management consultancy services or what we can offer for your business project management services, get in touch.