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Contract and supplier management - CITI
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Contract and supplier management


Many organisations use external suppliers to help deliver projects. In these cases ensuring an effective contract is in place and well managed is critical to success. An effective contract is clear, it gives appropriate control and it is equitable to both parties.

Structured well and managed effectively the contract will lead to wins for both parties; the alternative is disappointment and failure. However, on its own, the contract is not sufficient.

Whether you are engaging a sole contractor or an outsourcing organisation it is essential that both sides’ deliverables, roles and responsibilities are completely agreed and understood before the contract is signed and that both parties work to enhance the relationship.


In this interactive three-day event you will learn how to identify the key factors in structuring and negotiating a contract to achieve success.

You will also practice some key techniques that underpin good ‘win-win’ contract and supplier management behaviours. This course ensures you understand what is needed for success.


  • Defining and partitioning the work
  • The tender process
  • Defining the contract, its control and language
  • Contract negotiation and agreement
  • Successfully managing the contract and the relationship