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Effective project assurance - CITI
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Effective project assurance


Effective project assurance gives the ability to health check projects, in order to provide assurance of their success, is a valuable skill for portfolio managers who need to know that the projects are going to deliver and will use the resources allocated to them as expected.

The course covers the process and approach of health checks in five components beginning with the purpose and philosophy supporting health checks, this includes the attitude and rationales that support the delivery of successful health checks.

The event compares different types of assurance models, techniques and processes and emphasises the types of quality reviews that can bring added value to the project and ensure successful delivery.

Time will also be taken to discuss how these ideas can be practically applied when you return to your workplace.

During this one-day event you will be introduced to the core concepts of assurance and provided with immediately applicable tools.


It is not enough to review only a project’s processes and outputs to ensure they follow corporate standards; there must also be over-sight of the ongoing validity of the business case, coupled to an ‘up-front’ understanding of all aspects of the change and what should be managed and how. Effective assurance provides this view.


  • The key concepts and purpose of assurance
  • Communications and overcoming barriers
  • Techniques and critical models
  • Outputs of the assurance process
  • Gaining commitment to effective action