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APMG Better Business Cases Foundation and Practitioner - CITI
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APMG Better Business Cases Foundation and Practitioner


APMG Better Business Cases is a systematic and objective approach to all stages of the business case development process that sits alongside, and complements, the UK Government HM Treasury’s Green Book guidance. The APMG-International Better Business Cases™ Foundation and Practitioner certification has been developed by APMG-International.

Change initiatives often fail at the first hurdle as the business case fails to convince senior management of the return on investment. Creating effective business cases and spending proposals is therefore critical to securing funding and management buy-in.


The purpose of the foundation level certification is to confirm that candidates have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the guidance to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a team to develop a business case using The Five Case Model, the UK government’s best practice approach to planning spending proposals and enabling effective business decisions.


The three day better business case foundation level provides a step-by-step guide to developing a business case, by:

  1. Establishing a clear need for intervention – a case for change
  2. Setting clear objectives – what you want to achieve from the investment
  3. Considering a wide range of potential solutions – ensuring an optimal balance of benefits, cost and risk
  4. Putting the arrangements in place to successfully deliver the proposal


The two day better business case practitioner level (which can only be taken after successful completion of the foundation examination) defines the Terms and Concepts Relating to The Five Case Model:

  • How the following areas are developed; the steps and the responsibilities involved
    • Strategic case – is it applicable?
    • Economic case – is it appropriate?
  • The terms and concepts of the following
    • Commercial case – is it attractive?
    • Financial case – is it affordable?
    • Management case – is it achievable?
  • Purpose of the key stages in the development and delivery of a spending proposal
  • Purpose of the following and in what circumstances it should be considered
    • Strategic outline programme case
    • Business justification case
  • Purpose of the following
    • Strategic outline case
    • Outline business case
    • Full business case

APMG International Better Business Cases™ – The APMG International Better Business Cases and Swirl Device logo is a trademark of The APM Group Limited, used under permission of The APM Group. All rights reserved.