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APMG Better Business Cases Foundation Online Learning - CITI
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APMG Better Business Cases Foundation Online Learning


For many, attending a classroom-based better business cases training course is not an option for numerous reasons. CITI recognises how difficult this can be and has produced an alternative online way to achieve the APMG Better Business Cases Foundation distance learning at a pace to suit your learning development.

When opting better business cases training with our APMG Better Business Cases Foundation distance learning route you can study at a time, place and pace that works for you. All materials for this online better business cases training course are delivered electronically and it is one of the most effective and comprehensive ways to become accredited in creating successful business cases to the APMG Better Business Cases Foundation level.

When you are ready to take the APMG Better Business Case Foundation exam, a payment of £200 + VAT is required, and again this can be done by clicking on the online payment button near the foot of the page – and start your project manager career!


Better Business Cases foundation online learning and Better Business cases foundation exam is a systematic and objective approach to all stages of the business case development process that sits alongside, and complements, the UK Government HM Treasury’s Green Book guidance.


During the online training course you will learn how to:

  • Better Business Cases context
  • Five case model overview
  • Programme and project business cases
  • Strategic case
  • Economic case
  • Commercial case
  • Financial case
  • Management case
  • Exam preparation.

The closed book multiple choice examination is 40 minutes in duration, with 50 questions and 25 correct answers or more required to pass (50%).


APMG Better Business Cases Foundation
Assuming you are successful in the examination, you will gain the APMG Better Business Cases Foundation Level.

This qualification is also a great stepping stone in your career learning development and is the next step to progress to the APMG Better Business Cases Practitioner level.

We recommend that you complete at least 20 hours of the APMG Better Business Cases training before you consider booking your examination. However, different people have different learning styles and speeds, so we will not push you to take the examination on any given date – or impose cut-off dates on the elearning.

Please be aware that you may need install third-party software to enable the proctor to test and check your system settings.

It is advisable that you complete the examination on a computer system that is deemed suitable for public Internet access, adheres to your IT departments policies, and is not liable to disclose / damage / destroy any secure or private information relating to you, your organisation, clients or customers.

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