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APM Project Fundamentals Qualification course (PFQ) - CITI
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APM Project Fundamentals Qualification course (PFQ)


The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification course (or APM PFQ) is an industry recognised qualification. This course is a valuable first step towards giving you the knowledge and awareness of all key elements of best practice project management. This course is also available as distance learning, if you do not have 6 or more delegates available at once to attend a course.

Many people are now affected by projects and the way they are managed. Whether a key resource to projects (such as domain experts, work package managers, business managers), someone whose job is changed by projects or those who have to interface with project teams, most people need an understanding of the language and processes of project management. This qualification is designed for anyone looking to start a successful career in project management or those wanting to understand the principles of project management excellence.

A mixture of lectures and exercises are used in an interactive manner to ensure delegates gain a firm understanding of the topics required.  At the end of the second day candidates will sit the one hour, multi-choice, examination.


Successful candidates will be able to understand the language of project management and the structure of a successful project. They will be able to take an active part in a project team and make a positive contribution to any project environment.  Delegates will be prepared to take the Introductory Certificate in Project Management at the end of this course.

This course conforms to the syllabus set down by the Association for Project Management for candidates wishing to gain the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification course accreditation.  The focus is on providing the knowledge and principles needed to ensure an in-depth understanding of project management best practices.


  • Planning and scheduling
  • Communications
  • Quality management
  • Teamwork
  • Resource management
  • Risk management
  • Handover
  • Project reviews