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Managing Successful Programmes course - CITI
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Managing Successful Programmes course


Our Managing Successful Programmes course (or MSP®) is the industry recognised method for managing successful programmes. Certification will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to manage, work within or interface with government programmes. Led by an accredited expert, an interactive multi-media approach is used to bring the syllabus to life and prepare you for the two exams.

The course is specifically designed for individuals seeking professional recognition in managing successful programmes but is also suitable for anyone who is managing or is involved in programmes.


The Managing Successful Programmes course makes sure that you are sufficiently familiar with MSP® principles, governance themes, transformational flow elements and vocabulary so as to successfully achieve the certification and be able to confidently apply the learning to your programme management activities. There are two levels of accreditation on the Managing Successful Programmes course: Foundation and Practitioner.  This course covers both the syllabuses.

You will be required to sit the Managing Successful Programmes Foundation exam on day three, and the Managing Successful Programmes Practitioner exam on day five.


  • The programme management principles and governance themes
  • Formal presentation and practical exercises
  • Multiple choice practice questions all the way through
  • Discussion on, and clarification of, exam techniques
  • Mock foundation and practitioner examinations
  • Examination techniques, guided evening study


Accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS, this intense five-day course, spread over two weeks, is targeted at imparting knowledge of Managing Successful Proggrammes (MSP®) covers the foundation and practitioner level certification.

It has proven highly successful in enabling our participants achieve their goals of passing the exam and subsequently being able to apply the methodology in their organisations.