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Management of Risk course - CITI
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Management of Risk course


The Management of Risk course (M_o_R®) is part of AXELOS Limited’s best practice guidance portfolio. The course covers and tests knowledge and understanding of the Risk Management courses approach (the Foundation content) before addressing the practical implementation of Management of Risk and expanding your understanding of best practice approaches (the Practitioner content).

The Management of Risk course considers risk from different perspectives within an organisation: strategic, programme, project and operational. While it links to other AXELOS Limited best practice guidance, it respects the roles, responsibilities and terminologies used outside the disciplines of programme and project management.

Almost every decision made within an organisation brings positives and negatives. The Management of Risk course provides an effective structure for the management of risk across all parts of an organisation. M_o_R® is the industry recognised method for managing risk.


This risk management learning opportunity shows how the Management of Risk course can support governance and how the principles and processes are used to support risk management. Adopting M_o_R® approaches will provide you with the relevant skills and structures to manage potential problems and reduce failure possibilities.


  • What is risk?
  • What is risk management?
  • The benefits of the Management of Risk course
  • The 8 Management of Risk principles
  • The 6 Management of Risk processes involved in identifying, assessing and controlling risk
  • Risk management policies, guides, registers and plans
  • Application of risk solutions
  • How risk solutions can be adapted to a change in circumstances