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APMG-International Change Management course - CITI
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APMG-International Change Management course


Dealing with change and more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organisations. The APMG-International Change Management™ course withFoundation and Practitioner has been developed by APMG-International in partnership with the Change Management Institute (CMI).

Together they have developed a professional ‘body of knowledge’ for the discipline of the APMG change management. This body of knowledge now provides an independent benchmark for the professional knowledge expected of an effective change manager.


You will understand how to apply and tailor the techniques you have learned to bring about the successful implementation of organisational change and, in turn, develop others to become successful change agents.

APMG International Change Management™ – The APMG International Change Management and Swirl Device logo is a trademark of The APM Group Limited, used under permission of The APM Group Limited. All rights reserved.


  • Defining change in a work environment and examining its impact on individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole
  • Describing the impact of change on individual and team productivity, including an overview of the learning cycle, learning styles and personality types
  • Exploring team dynamics, the criteria for effective teams and the effect change initiatives can have on team productivity
  • Analysing how different organisation types are affected by change
  • Considering various models of organisational change and how best to apply them to a project scenario
  • How to manage resistance to change
  • How to identify, analyse and engage with stakeholders effectively, including effective communications
  • Specifying how to apply change management approaches and techniques to the management of change within your organisation.


The APMG Change management courses focus is on ensuing you have sufficient knowledge and understanding so that you are able to apply the techniques and concepts in an effective manner in your own environment. The APMG Change Management courses Foundation exam is a 60 minute, multiple choice paper, while the APMG Change Management Practitioner paper is a 2½ hour, open book exam using objective testing. Learners must successfully pass the APMG Change Management foundation exam to be eligible to sit the APMG Change Management practitioner exam.

Please note that this is an intensive course, and homework is required to be undertaken to give learners the most successful chance of passing the APMG Change Management course foundation and practitioner exams.