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Orchestrating talent learning bytes - CITI
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CITI’s Orchestrating Talent programme is a competence based curriculum of byte-sized (usually two hour sessions), virtual learning interventions that support technical knowledge acquisition and personal development/leadership enablement. These highly engaging sessions are delivered by experienced facilitators and consultants covering more than fifty categories that we have found to be hot topics within the change and project profession as well as leadership and management development.

  • The Agile vs traditional project management session will help participants understand the four key lifecycles (product, product development, project management and investment).  The appropriate application of iterative and predictive approaches....

  • Definition of critical path.  Introduction and explanation of dependencies; types (SS, FS, SF, FF) and sorts (hard, soft, malleable) and dependency/flow diagrams....

  • Delivering results in project management (outcomes) are dependent on the two factors of product and user reception. Progress can only be reliably measured in terms of results (delivered or enabled) arising from related products....


If you’d like further information please contact us on 01908 283 600 or We’d be delighted to tell you more or visit you with one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.