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CofEe 47 - project reprioritisation schedule of event - CITI
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CofEe 47 – project reprioritisation schedule of event

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COVID is a game changer for organisational strategies and the best laid plans have had to be revised. With the next financial year looming, organisations are all having to adjust and this means reprioritisation on a vast scale; what previously might have seemed critical may now be irrelevant and what was previously hardly considered becomes an necessity. Organisations and their managers have to make choices based on investing in the relative priorities. All this means that right now, and for the next quarter project reprioritisation is a hot topic.


Introduction from Kay Sanders, CEO of CITI Limited

Welcome remarks.  Introduction to CofEe Club with an overview of our agenda.

As the CEO of CITI, I specialise in change enablement consultancy, building capability within organisations to support the delivery of strategic change through effective portfolio, programme and project management. We believe that people not only need the technical expertise, but also the behavioural consciousness to sponsor, manage stakeholders and realise benefits within P3M to deliver successful change.

Kay Sanders


Aligning emergent strategy with corporate ambition

In this session we will discuss and consider the adaptation of prioritisation mechanisms in line with corporate strategic ambition; what factors and weighting mechanisms could be employed and what would the advantages be.

Nick is one of CITI’s most experienced practitioners with over 25 years of experience. He has been involved in delivery at every stage of the change lifecycle and has developed particular expertise in the sponsorship of projects and programmes and their pace of delivery / agility.

Nick Dobson


Group exercises per three voted topics

Each attendee will be placed in the workshop group for the topic they expressed most interest in

  1. Avoiding robbing Peter to pay Paul – urgency versus importance
  2. Aligning emergent strategy with corporate ambition – masters of our own destiny?
  3. Resource allocation and matching – does project reprioritisation actually give us the biggest bang for our buck?


Plenary feedback from each group

Group summary outputs – with a five minute summary back to whole group of main points of deliberation


The portfolio efficient frontier

In this session we will consider the principles of effective portfolio planning, selection, structuring and prioritisation.

It is almost always the case for an organisation that it has more candidate projects (each of which has a viable business case) than it is capable of delivering.  Whatever the constraints (typically finance or scarce resources, and the demands of the planning cycle), the organisation must pick some subset of the candidate projects for execution.  Of all of the possible portfolios that could be chosen, which is / are the “best”?


Summary feedback

Analysis of conclusions from workshops


Formal close

Analysis of conclusions from workshops

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