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Advanced project management - CITI
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Advanced project management


Experienced project managers already know that successful projects are not delivered solely through the efficient technical execution of a schedule. This approach can lead to ‘well managed projects’ that deliver little or no benefit to the business.

Our advanced project management course explores an alternative approach to the effective management of more challenging projects. It recognises that the key is to manage the politics of the project as well as the technical content.

We do not run courses for individuals, but we are happy to run a course on premises for you and your colleagues.

Factors that affect the cost of the course will be geographical location, on or off premesis, number of delegates, and provision of sustenance.


Understanding the business context and criteria for judging a project’s success should inform the overall project strategy, planning and execution.


This course (delivered over two modules) showcases a holistic approach to the key disciplines of project management:initiation, planning, monitoring and control, and proactive risk management.


This course does not have an examination, or any formal accreditation.


Through exercises and discussions around real life experiences and video scenarios, the participants develop an understanding of how to flex their own approach to suit the demands of challenging projects.

We recommend that when you have completed at least 20 hours of distance learning you can consider booking your examination. However, different people have different learning styles and speeds, so we will not push you to take the examination on any given date – or impose cut-off dates on the elearning.