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9.30 - Arrival and networking

Miss the morning rush and we’ll pop the kettle on ready for us to get started at 10am.

10.00 - A welcome from our hosts

Our hosts today, the Close Brothers.

10.30 - Explaining 'Communities of Practice'

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11.15 - Coffee, connect and catch-up

Get yourself a tea or coffee and mingle with other like-minded professionals.

11.45 - Expert Q&A

You won’t want to miss this interactive panel session. We’ll be opening up the floor so have your questions ready.

12.45 - Food for thought - grab some lunch!

Another opportunity to make new connections!

1.45 - Afternoon breakout sessions

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Because we wish to be able to contrast the views of each of the workshops with those of the others, we are trying to achieve some consistency in the areas discussed. Therefore, we are interested in understanding your groups views on your chosen topic against the following seven areas of interest. Please could you also nominate one of your group to present the ‘highlights’ of the groups output to a plenary session at the end of the exercise.

  1. Is the starting point material? And if yes, why? (Are we building on an existing entity or is this a ‘greenfield’ site? Or, indeed, a ‘brownfield’ site?)

  2. Who owns the entity? And how clear are they on what return are they seeking from it?

  3. Membership of the entity (who ‘qualifies’ and how are they best engaged? What’s the WIIFM for them?)

  4. Types and roles of the resources required to ‘run’ the entity (are these full-time roles or additional ‘duties’ for an existing role? And to what extent are they formalised?)

  5. Recognition and endorsement/sponsorship (who, in the organisation, is ‘payrolling’ the entity and from which budget?)

  6. Governance, ownership, and structuring considerations (what are the ‘rules’, limits, and boundaries?)

  7. 7. Physical infrastructure (how much, of what, is required? How is it acquired, established, and maintained?).

We value the quality of the debate and clarity of conclusions, over coverage of all topics; so, if time proves too much of a constraint, please don’t feel that responses have to be provided for all of them. It would be preferable to have three or four comprehensive responses than seven minimal ones. In light of this, you might, as a group, wish to prioritise the list prior to considering your responses.

Clearly, each member of your workshop group may have different responses to these prompts based on their company’s position and their own preferences. What we are seeking is a loose consensus on the key aspects of each of the prompt topics. However, please don’t feel inhibited in your thinking or deliberations and if you believe there are other things that require consideration, please do include them.

3.00 - Guest speaker

Case example.

3.45 - Round up of insights gathered

Any last thoughts, comments and questions.

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4.30 - Finish and networking