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Business transformation programme at Tesco - CITI
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Business transformation programme at Tesco

Tesco had initiated a major business transformation programme which affected all parts of the organisation and all of its 400,000+ staff. Due to the extent and structure of the change and the number of projects involved, within only a few months of initiation a number of issues had come up. These predominantly centred on competition for resources and benefits – not uncommon in the world of programme management.

CITI was brought in to help Tesco sort out some of these issues in order to get the projects back on track.

Phase One involved some analysis work to:

  • Define the interdependencies between projects
  • Ascertain how conflicts for resources and benefits could be resolved.

As a result of this analysis, we suggested various changes, including the approach to sourcing and funding. This in turn led to a significant reduction in the number of dependencies between projects, allowing Tesco to re-focus on the delivery of the required business changes and the benefits that they would produce.

In Phase Two, we used our toolkit to reshape and restructure the projects so that Tesco could more quickly and effectively move forward. CITI also created a project roadmap for Tesco to follow which allowed them to clearly plan which projects and activities needed to happen when.

Our work with Tesco resulted in a well-structured business transformation programme. The projects were organised to give the necessary business changes, which led to the earlier realisation of benefits and a quicker embedding of operational improvements. Significant cost savings were achieved as a result of CITI’s work.





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