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Why we sponsor the APM Social Project of the Year Award - CITI
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For the last three years, CITI has sponsored the APM Social Project of the Year Award, and I sometimes get asked why we do this. My answer is quite simple. Without the social projects or community welfare projects being carried out within communities, people who need support or help during difficult times may not be able to access much needed resources and help. We all have a responsibility to ensure we do what we can. This award is a celebration of great, and vital work carried out by inspirational teams.

Social consciousness is a value that everyone possesses at CITI, we strive for a better future where there is equity, equality of opportunity and awareness of environmental matters. Success is measured by giving back, in addition to commercial terms and where CITI can support sustainable socially intelligent projects and programmes, through our teaching and enabling others to achieve this. Let’s continue to support and facilitate socially conscious change, the leaders, and important community enhancing projects.

Kay Sanders, CEO CITI Limited



CITI Limited is one of the first, and longest standing, niche consultancies that has led the charge in developing change and project management thinking and essential supporting tools. These are consistently used to assist very capable and intelligent people within a variety of sectors (including IT, communications, financial services, government, and the infrastructure sector), who are undisputed experts in their own disciplines, but need understanding of the project world and how to successfully implement change and new ideas both effectively and efficiently.