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Why Projects are critical to business improvement and success - CITI
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Why projects are critical to business improvement and success

All organisations run projects but it’s one of those areas where everyone believes they know how to run a project; and yet, oddly enough, 86% of them fail.  We are always shocked by that percentage, but it is true!!

So, why does that happen? It fundamentally comes down to the fact that the majority of projects fail to conform to their original, baseline-constraints (time, cost and quality) because they never achieve clarity over their rationale and so can’t stabilise their scope. Of course, quoting failure rates depends on what you consider to be success or failure and that again is another complex debate.

You might think that in this fast paced, constantly progressing world we live, running projects effectively and efficiently would be a consistent, process oriented and straight-forward exercise. However, this, as most project professionals will tell you is not the reality. Projects are complex, need clarity of thought from the beginning, clarity of vision and purpose, planning, governance, monitoring and controls, assessment of risk, understanding of benefits and skilled leadership and management to be successful.

No matter what industry or type of organisation, people are running projects all the time. Developing capability, introducing a consistent understanding of how projects should be managed and run, thinking about sponsorship, writing and interpreting business cases, planning, roles and responsibilities, understanding accountability and the importance of stakeholder management or estimating. The progress that can be made by understanding project practices, becoming more adept at managing projects and programmes, adopting consistent ways of working can really ensure success for organisations.


CITI develops and evolves the project, programme and portfolio management capability and talent available to organisations to deliver change. We are a single destination for clients who want to improve their organisational capability development in order to deliver change more successfully.


Our team of consultants are highly qualified to help organisations successfully manage transformation programmes, complex projects and the change impacts that result. Indeed, within our project management consultancy they have all been in senior roles across diverse organisations, managing change through programmes and projects.


Our management training courses include – masterclasses, accredited / qualification-based training courses and CITI’s own Beyond Method learning events. All are specifically designed to improve the leadership skills, capability and talent within those organisations that depend upon programmes and projects to thrive, change and innovate.


With the promise of more predictable delivery and benefits achievement, having the right people in the right place at the right time is the key to success. This involves recognising, and then realising, the full potential of individuals and teams by using our project management capability assessment framework services.


CITI Limited is one of the first, and longest standing, niche consultancies that has led the charge in developing change and project management thinking and essential supporting tools. These are consistently used to assist very capable and intelligent people within a variety of sectors (including IT, communications, financial services, government, and the infrastructure sector), who are undisputed experts in their own disciplines, but need understanding of the project world and how to successfully implement change and new ideas both effectively and efficiently.

Kay Sanders

Kay Sanders, CEO

As the CEO of CITI, I specialise in change enablement consultancy, building capability within organisations to support the delivery of strategic change through effective portfolio, programme and project management.

We believe that people not only need the technical expertise, but also the behavioural consciousness to sponsor, manage stakeholders and realise benefits within P3M to deliver successful change. Kay can be contacted via email at