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Reviewing innovation strategies in uncertain times - CITI
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Reviewing innovation strategies in uncertain times

Reviewing innovation strategies in uncertain times
Leaders, across the world, have had to re prioritise effort over the past few weeks, and will need to for the foreseeable future. This means that they, and you, will have spent significant time reviewing short and medium term change and reviewing innovation strategies. Maintaining the operational front line will inevitably mean leaders slowing down or even pausing some programmes and projects for a brief time. When business life gets back to a new kind of normal, there will be plenty for project managers to get their teeth into; both existing projects and, most likely, new change initiatives inspired or driven by the impact of new ways of working. To plan for this, leaders will be assessing how to effectively deploy their project management resource to meet that demand. Great project management skills, knowledge and experience will be key to driving the momentum that gets outcomes delivered at pace and securely. Alongside this, there is a need to make sure people remain motivated, energised and ready to meet the challenges of reinitiating and accelerating delivery. As a leader of change, you may be in this same position and considering how to make the best use of the next few months. You can do this by developing your project management team into the best it can be to drive the future success of your organisation.

How can CITI help with reviewing innovation strategies?

CITI can help you to use this time to prepare for this new chapter through assessing and developing capability, but first we want to be sure that we understand the objectives of you, as a leader and your organisation. We want you to tell us what your definition of what good should feel like. We can then support you to reach that goal. Understanding the current capability and development needs within your community is an important first step in enhancing your organisation’s proficiency. CITI has been a specialist in this field for some 30 years and in that time has amassed a database of over 35,000 assessments of project management people. This unique database allows us to effectively benchmark capability and support you in both identifying and further developing your most valuable asset; your people. We are able to complete our work through online assessment and virtual interviews, we will provide you with personalised reports and plans.

Why choose CITI

CITI’s origins lie with Cranfield University and this means we have a great history of combining academic research with the realities of business practice. What we know is that whilst there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, CITI has an enviable toolbox of proven in-house developed and patented models which can be used to build a tailored plan for you. We are closely aligned with APM and our assessments are aligned with APM competences. We are accredited trainers for APM , APMG, PeopleCert through AXELOS and we have our own, and popular, CITI Beyond Method courses and workshops which really focus on the embedding and application of skills in the workplace. Beyond Method interventions are targeted to those who have acquired the basics, through exams and on the job learning, and now want to apply that skill and knowledge to enhance practical and strategic decision-making when reviewing innovation strategies.

How CITI can partner with you

CITI want to work in partnership with you when reviewing innovation strategies and share our expertise in capability assessment and onward development. CITI is able to meet the requirements for organisations of all shapes and sizes. We have worked with many well-known brands, and those that aspire to be, with clear recognition for the positive difference we have made.

  • We will help you to objectively evaluate areas of strength and opportunity across your teams
  • We will provide both general and individual coaching and training to optimise performance.


All of our learning and development is available through a blend of online courses, virtual classrooms, coaching and mentoring and work-based assignments.

To learn more about how CITI can support the development needs of you and your organisations through our capability assessment click here.

To understand ways in which CITI can support your digital learning for your project and programme management communities please click here.


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