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Adaptive Project Planning book - CITI
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Adaptive Project Planning book

Despite claims to the contrary, there is no single approach to planning a project, but for a given project, there is a best one. Adaptive Project Planning takes you through many planning situations you will meet. The authors use stories of real projects to show how planning decisions alter depending on the project context. They discuss how resource-constrained planning differs from end-date schedule planning and look at what is different between cost-constrained plans and time boxing. The text explores why you must plan when using agile approaches, how to approach the planning in stakeholder complex projects, and how to plan for innovation.

For project managers, getting involved with increasingly complex projects, it’s all about developing your judgment. The crucial judgments remain how to plan and structure a project. Through the exploration of many types of projects and the introduction of models and an approach to planning this book will aid your journey into high performance project management.

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