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APM Chartered Project Professional ChPP Support Services - CITI
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CITI is the APM’s Chosen Delivery Partner

If you are one of the first professionals to achieve APM Chartered Project Professional ChPP status – many congratulations!  Your personal achievement has helped to take our profession and the Association for Project Management (APM’s) vision to the next stage.

As the APM’s chosen partner for delivery of their ChPP support services (online clinics and one day workshops) everyone at CITI fully appreciates the level of commitment and professionalism it has taken to attain this professional status.

If you haven’t yet applied but, like the APM and CITI, you believe in our Profession, and in increasing, and demonstrating, your capabilities to the world, then we can help to give you the confidence and support you need when applying for Chartered status.

Who are these services designed for?

Organisations looking to provide support to their project, programme and portfolio management (PPPM) community in applying for Chartered status with a programme that is tailored to the needs of both the organisation and each individual.

Increase motivation and retention rates within the PPM community

Improve the organisation’s overall performance.

Improve the organisation’s overall performance.

Individuals who believe they need a little more 1:1 support either before submission of their on-line application or with their interview techniques.

Increase the likelihood of a successful application

Reduce the likelihood of costly and potentially damaging errors

Provide a safe environment to ask questions and check understanding

Based on our experience we can provide support and guidance challenging the draft wording and offering suggestions and different approaches to enhance your application.  However, we cannot recommend the actual content or confirm that any final submitted wording will definitely be successful.



Discover how we support organisations with the APM Chartered Project Professional ChPP


Start the process today by completing an online application with the APM, or attend a webinar here


Discover how we provide support services to individuals for the APM Chartered Project Professional ChPP